Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan Files: Miki Endo

what fitting tribute can you think of to honor a 24-year-old woman whose unflagging efforts to urge her town-mates to run for safety literally saved thousands of lives -- a heroic action that eventually cost her own?

Miki Endo, a recently married public employee who worked for Minamisanriku's (a town that was hit hard in the recent quake/tsunami disaster) Crisis Management Department, was manning the public address system -- exhorting the residents to run for higher ground -- as the tsunamis were about to roll in. According to various accounts, Miki Endo stayed at her post and continued her urgent broadcast even as the waves finally hit the coastal town.

it was later learned that Miki Endo did not survive this tragic disaster (a co-employee last saw her being carried away by a huge wave), much to the dismay and grief of her parents and the very people whose lives she had helped save.


saint said...

I wanted to share with you a blog post and a song that we wrote for Miki Endo and her family.

......As the Celestial Waters movement grows, St. Paul and Timi TV have been in the lab building non stop. Recently, they were inspired by the courageous actions of one particular woman by the name of Miki Endo. The result is a Rock N Roll song, dedicated to Miki Endo, who saved the lives of thousands of Japanese people during the recent earthquake/tsunami. The music and subject matter is so powerful that the duo had no choice but to have it featured as the Debut track for their upcoming EP. For those not familiar with Miki Endo you can check out NIGHT RPM’s blog post......

onyxx said...

hey saint, thanks. i just checked out that post. great tribute for a great human being. good luck!

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